FB Ads
Made Easy

Learn Facebook Ads the Easy Way.

What will You Learn ?

How to set up and run your own FB Ads.

How to use Facebook ads as a powerful marketing tool to get you new clients, listeners, leads etc.

How to make sure ALL your followers see every post on IG and Facebook.

How to get incredible Engagement on a FB or IG video.

How to create a retargeting audience from those who watched 50% , 75% or more of a specific video.

How to send traffic to any web-site from Facebook and Instagram.

Plus honestly alot more!! Check the course curriculum below.

Course Curriculum
How to Create and Set-up your Ad Account (1 video)
  • How to create and set-up your ad account
How to Create Audiences (5 videos)
  • How to find the audience page
  • How to create a “Saved Audience”
  • How to create a “Custom and Lookalike Audience”
  • How to create a “Mailing List” Audience
  • How to create a “RYOF” (Reach Your Own Followers) Audience

Domain Names (1 video)
  • How to add and verify domain names in Facebook
The Facebook Pixel (2 videos)
  • How to Set-Up the Facebook Pixel (Part-1)

  • How to Set-Up the Facebook Pixel (Part-2)


Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns (3 videos)
  • How to Create a Conversions Campaign
  • How to Create a Traffic Campaign
  • How to Create a Video Views Campaign
Advanced lessons and Marketing tips (2 videos)
  • How to Create a RYOF Campaign (Reach Your Own Followers)
  • How to get Incredible Engagement on a FB or IG video

About this Course

$45.00 (For a Limited Time!)

14 lessons

2 hours of video content

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Who is this Course For?

People who have tried FB ads in the past or tried “Boosting” a post, but “it didn’t work”.

BEGINNERS, people who have never used FB ads before OR people who know little to nothing about running FB ads.

People who want to guarantee that ALL their followers see every post they put up instead of only a small percentage of them.

People who would like step by step guidance on how to set-up and run ads.

People who want to pay a small 1-time Fee for unlimited updates and access to this content.

What people are saying…
I highly recommend this course!! The value is incredible, especially for those new to Facebook ads and want to get their feet wet in the social media marketing game!!
Mike Sarge

Rapper, Music Producer, Speaker and Digital Marketer

The course was well put together and easy to navigate. He did a good job of keeping things interesting.

It wasn’t like some other courses I’ve tried that are boring and become uninteresting after a while.

His energy and sense of humor kept me entertained while receiving the information. Definitely recommend this course.

Saint Jones

Rapper & Business Owner

I’ve watched Youtube to learn Facebook ads in the past, but it was difficult because they always assume the person watching has experience already. I was ready to give up.

Then I found Stan’s course. I can honestly say I finally found someone that has made a course I can understand. Stan explains FB ads in a way that is straight to the point. Plus the ability to watch videos over and over until I get it right helps. If you’re new to FB ads this is the course for you.

Marcus Washington


I started your course today bro it’s well broken down and you’ve done a good job of keeping the listener’s attention and getting straight to the point. I like how you included your music when using examples as well that was wise.

Jay D.

Business Owner

A word from your Instructor
WordPress Stan

WordPress Stan

Internet Marketer / Web Designer

My name is Stan Straughter. I have been in the internet marketing space for over 20 years. I started off in Web Design and most recently branched off into Facebook and Instagram ads.

I created this course because I believe everyone should know and have the ability to market themselves and their brand effectively on social media.

The goal of this course is to teach the beginner how to get started using Facebook and Instagram ads. I also want to remove the fear that many beginners have when it comes to marketing their product, brand or service.

I purposely made the course extremely affordable with a 1-time fee of only $45 so the beginner can jump right in and start learning immediately.

I look forward to you learning and joining us on the inside!!

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