Do you REALLY need WordPress Security?


Does your CAR, HOUSE or PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT really need locks or security?

Some may say “Yes of course” and some may say “No” , but regardless of what you or anybody says, we as a people try to protect things that are important to us, by locking doors or initiating some basic form of security.

Without security the “Bad Guys” would take advantage. 

1.) The login Page

loginThis is your first line of defense, against attackers. You want to make sure that your username and password are NOT easy to guess or figure out. Most people are good at creating good usernames and passwords, BUT they forget about another facet of security.

The Web Address. Most WordPress login pages can be found at OR

Now imagine if every thief knew your home address, even with locks and security, the fact that your address is public information, makes you more susceptible to theft. Especially if people believe you have items of value.

If people can’t find your login page, it’s that much more difficult to hack into it. Just like if I don’t know where you live, it’s harder to break into your house.


2.) Plugins and WordPress Updates

The warning shown above can be found on

Every so often WordPress releases what’s called a SECURITY UPDATE. These updates prevent and protect against minor and major security flaws in WordPress. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you are updating as quickly as you can to avoid becoming a target of hackers. The same goes for all the plugins and themes that you use as well.


Sometimes when you update WordPress, your site may break or stop working. Worse yet, you may get the “WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH” when updating your plugins or themes.

While updating is as simple as clicking a button, fixing issues that arise after the button click are sometimes more complex. Sometimes… Usually it’s pretty simple if you know what to look for.

In either case, it’s essential to have an expert or have expert knowledge available regarding WordPress Maintenance

3.) WordPress Back-ups

Backup Blue Marker
This layer of security is similar to CAR INSURANCE. It’s just necessary, you’ll never know when you need it, until something happens, I always suggest backing up frequently, pending how often you update your site. 

There are many ways to back-up your WordPress Site, I’ve listed some great options below. Every option has great reviews and is widely respected. You can also automate your back-ups so that you don’t have to do it manually.

a.) Back-up Buddy – Subscription Service, $80-$100/year 
b.) Updraft PlusFREE with 4.9 stars, plus a premium option
c.) VaultPress – Subscription service with 4.7 stars, $9/month or $99/year


4.) Security Software

 There are many, many, security softwares on the WordPress market right now, the two (2) I often hear the most positive reviews about are Sucuri Software AND iThemes Security they both have a FREE version and a premium version with extra features.

Both of their FREE versions offer plenty. For instance in the iThemes Security FREE version you can change the address to your login page, run virus scans and Stop Brute Force Attacks by locking IP addresses. These softwares do much more than that though, read through their full descriptions to find out all the details, by clicking the links below.

Sucuri Software | iThemes Security



I would say you need web-site security as much as you provide security for your home OR for your car. Now when I was a kid, I used to drive an old 1990 something station wagon. I never locked the doors.

Why? I didn’t value the car that much and I knew no one would take it.


If you don’t secure your site with at least one of the 4 options above (those are just the basics), it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll be hacked, but “when”

You’ve most likely already invested hundreds of hours researching, building and setting up your blog or site. That’s if you did everything yourself, for those who are not DIY web designers, you’ve spent your hard earned cash to get your blog or site to where it is. 

If everything I mentioned above sounds like too much work OR something you don’t feel like dealing with; Contact Me. I provide site maintenance services that include everything mentioned above and more. For details on what I offer, visit my Site Maintenance page for more info.

Are you protecting your WordPress site or blog? What do you use?


  • Really like the car/house analogy you used. It all comes down to how much you value and care about your website. Hackers don’t see websites as big or small, as one often might think, they see it as either secure or vulnerable.