How Much Should a Web-Site Cost?

How Much Should a Web-Site Cost?

This is a great question. I have another question. How Much Should a Car Cost? It varies right? depending upon the make, model and features. 

Lexus -

Look at the cars above. Which one of these cars do you think is more expensive?
They both look brand new. They both look clean. What’s the difference?

Well it’s obvious, one is a luxury car and one is an “economical” car.


Meaning, when someone goes out to buy a Lexus, they already know what to expect, they don’t expect to get a brand new 2015 Lexus for $5,000. If it did have a $5,000 price tag on it a person would immediately begin thinking that something was wrong with the car.

In fact if you went to a Lexus dealer and said,  

I only have $5,000 what can I get? They would probably show you the door.

Why? Because Lexus is known for having luxury cars and trucks AND for having the BEST QUALITY. People expect to pay a higher price for good quality. Now look at the car below.

Nice Old Car...
If I told you this car was $5,000 what would you think? 

No way! that old car, why is it so expensive?

Exactly! It’s old, rusty and does not even look drivable.

I think you get where I’m going with this. Obviously a web-site is NOT a car, but a web-site is a major investment and should NOT be taken lightly. When it comes to having a web-site built there are many things to consider.

1.) Who’s building the site? Are they an expert and can I trust their “Quality”

2.) What features or options will I get with this site? (ability to add my own content and/or pictures perhaps?)

3.) How much money, customers or leads can I expect from this web-site once the initial investment has been made? (Most people are in business to make money so that they can provide for their families or employees)

4.) Will the web-site come with content (words and pictures), internet marketing and/or training?

Having a beautiful web-site without any of the above will greatly decrease your chances of obtaining a good ROI (return on investment). Unless your specialty is in internet marketing or you’re an excellent writer, it would be in your best interest to carefully consider 1 through 4 above. 


How much is all of that Worth to you? 

What if I told you from a $5,000 investment (since we’ve already used that number) you could have everything?

1.) Expert Designer
2.) Quality
3.) Content
4.) Internet Marketing
5.) Training
6.) 10% – 15% (ROI)

$5,000 wouldn’t seem like that much would it?

Why? Because you now know that you would be getting much more than a web-site, but an elegant (Lexus like) working machine that would allow you to run your business efficiently and receive a great ROI, while still maintaining your professional look.

Obviously, you would need to have a great product or service that people want to buy and provide a great customer experience. That’s NOT something a web design firm or designer would be able to provide for you.

So again your probably thinking, Well how much SHOULD a web-site cost? 

I’m going to provide some very loose or approximate figures based upon my 15 years of experience designing web-sites.

$0 – $500
This will probably NOT get you an expert designer or the best quality. If you have a REAL BUSINESS that you expect to make money from run far away from this!

$500 – $1000
This will most likely get you an intermediate designer with semi decent quality, but you won’t get Content, Internet Marketing or Training. Your ROI will be none to very little.

$1,000 – $2,500
This will most likely get you an expert designer with decent quality and you may even be able to get some basic training, but you won’t get Content, Internet Marketing and your ROI will be small to intermediate.

$2,500 and Greater
This is what you should expect to pay an expert that will provide quality, content, internet marketing, training and 10% – 15% ROI.

Obviously these numbers depend upon a myriad of factors.

This is NOT writtten to be the end all-be all of Web Design costs,
but I wrote this for 2 reasons.

1.) I want people to understand that having a web-site is an investment. An investment that will bring about a return if used correctly, marketed efficiently and the products/services are of value to your customer base.

2.) To recognize that anything worth having is worth paying for. Do your research and find experts that can provide exactly what you need.