6-Steps to gain REAL Twitter followers in 28 DAYS

6-Steps to Gain REAL Twitter followers in 28 DAYS
Before I even get started, I must WARN YOU, this is NOT something that is quick and easy to do. To gain REAL Twitter followers AND get ENGAGEMENT, requires a lot of work. First, allow me to provide EXAMPLES of what FOLLOWING MY STEPS will do.

Example-1: @nazsect


Example-2: @WordPressStan

Growing your Twitter Followers in and of itself doesn’t really mean too much, people nowadays can buy FAKE Twitter FOLLOWERS. (by the way I do not recommend this!)

What your account really needs is ENGAGEMENTBy engagement I mean, people Liking, Retweeting, Messaging AND Mentioning your Twitter Handle on a daily basis. This shows that people actually like what you have to say and will most likely lead to you gaining more traffic for your business, music, web-site or whatever you want people to know about.

I decided to show you a quick video proving all the accounts above are actually getting  engagement on a daily basis. You’ll want to make video full screen to see the actual text.

Okay finally, the part you actually WANTED TO SEE. But before I get to the 6 steps, I have some basic Pre-Steps that are necessary for the success of your Twitter account.

A.) Make sure your account actually looks professional, (great header image, great profile image, etc.)

B.) Tweet relevant content to your niche everyday (even if you don’t have followers yet, people won’t follow if you have no tweets). Also you don’t need to send out 20 tweets a day, but you do need at least 5-7 tweets daily, schedule them out, don’t be afraid to re-use tweets from other days as some people will have missed them. (there’s a ton of software out there to schedule tweets, pick one and use it.)

Step-1.) Follow the Leaders in your niche AND follow their followers (most likely if they like the niche leader, they will like you also and follow you back)

Step-2.) Interact with everyone who follows you back, I do this via an Auto-DM that either offers something for FREE or doesn’t sound like a an Auto-DM at all. Most people who follow me think my auto-DM is me just talking to them. Try not to sound salesy AND don’t beg people to visit your web-site or other social media sites. The trick is to make people feel like it’s NOT a canned message you send to everyone.

When people respond to your DMs actually talk to them, don’t ignore them or try to sell them something.

Step-3.) Retweet, Fav, Reply, join conversations with your new followers. As stated in step number 2, interact with your new followers, why be on social media if you’re NOT going to be social.

Step-4.) Add people who interact with you to a Whitelist so that they will never be unfollowed by mistake.

Step-5.) After 7-10 days of following people, unfollow everyone who has an EGG, has NOT engaged with you or is just basically boring.

Step-6.) Go back to Pre-Steps and start all over.

Now you’ll notice I left out a ton of details. I’m actually working on a more in depth tutorial or class (ready by Summer 2017). This class will provide detailed training, videos, lessons, etc. regarding how to use Twitter more effectively and gain followers.

If everything I mentioned above sounds like too much work OR something you don’t feel like dealing with; Contact Me.

I provide Social Media services that include growing your Twitter followers and helping you get better engagement. For details on what I offer, visit my Twitter Marketing page for more info.

Are you growing  your Twitter followers? How do you do it?